Welcome to Better Vet Practices


We’ve all seen it, been a part of it, or even been in charge of it. A veterinary clinic that can’t operate without employee drama, customer complaints, or ever increasing loans. Maybe the clinic you are a part of has been limping along financially, rather than humming. Maybe you’ve gained a reputation for being money focused, for poor medicine, or even had a complaint to your veterinary state board. Whatever your problems, other clinics are also experiencing things that keep them up at night. Whether an associate worried about the practices of the clinic and their job or the practice owner trying to keep it all together, there’s plenty of worry to go around.

This blog isn’t a part of a business. I’m not here to sell you anything. Take, leave it, or discuss it with others. And hopefully you’ll recognize that what works today may not work when the market or regulations change in two years, or ten.

This blog isn’t about the practice of medicine, lord knows my short time as a LVT does not qualify me to comment on that. This blog is about the practices we make around veterinary medicine, whether they are economic, regulatory, ethical, managerial, or customer relations.  Because we all deserve better practices and our clients and patients need better practices in the future.

So welcome to Better Vet Practices, a blog about vet clinics and the way we treat our employees, business issues, customers, and patients. Let’s get better together!

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  1. Wes Parry says:

    Great idea will share so other Vets may see and respond

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