Great LEAP Training Experience in Macon, GA

Yesterday I had a pretty amazing experience providing LEAP training in Macon, Georgia. People showed up 20 -30 minutes early. They had engaging questions. And they were concerned about both their patients and doing their best to comply with the veterinary practice act. I’m so glad I was provided the opportunity to speak and learn from and with them.  Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to post answers to some of their most compelling questions. Questions like:

  1. Do I have to establish the vet-client-patient relationship in order to provide a vaccine?
  2. What type of exam might be required prior to giving a vaccine?
  3. How can a mobile practice be “available for follow-up?”
  4. Is leap training by book or remote learning allowed?
  5. Do I need to check change of ownership documents if a new person brings in a pet that in the records has a different owner listed?

As always, there may have been some other questions they wanted to pose that they’ll send separately to me in a private message. Regardless, the level of engagement was fantastic. It’s one of the reasons I love providing continuing education in Macon.

Next on the speaking schedule is Columbus, GA.  I hope to see some of you there!

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