Legal Form:”I’m the owner”

Sometimes you can get into a pickle where the microchip or your records show a different owner, but the animal needs care. Here’s a clause we include in our intake forms and used to have separately to cover this issue. There’s been a number of articles on this in DVM360, the Georgia Veterinarian, and I’ve authored a few myself (including on this blog). The clause below works for me, and if you’re updating your forms with a local attorney, showing her this may help save you some time and expense. As with all forms, they do not work for all situations and I recommend seeking legal counsel when in doubt.

Sample clause-

I, _______________, hereby certify that I am the rightful owner/caretaker of [Animal Name] and have full title and/or authority for [ Animal Name]. I authorize [Veterinarian] to treat [Animal Name] and shall be responsible for payment of such charges that are reasonably related to such treatment and are authorized by me. Even in the event that title or ownership of [Animal Name] is disputed or transferred, I shall pay and remain responsible for such charges, up until the time I inform you in writing otherwise.


Certified by  __________

Signed on [Date] ___________

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