Upcoming Blog Topics from GVMA Fall Convention

The GVMA Fall Convention was fantastic. We had three sessions, with over 50 people per session, sometimes standing room only with overflow in the hallways. There was lots of excellent dialogue and practical questions.  I offered to answer a few difficult ones on this blog, so over the next three  to five days you should get answers on:

  1. Can I provide a testimonial or quote to a vendor for their product? [Posted 11-8-16]
  2. What are the limitations on using a vet after the exams but before their license is granted? [Posted 11-9-16]
  3. What are the types of paper for prescriptions that we should use?
  4. What are the types of logging for DEA Scheduled drugs we should use?
  5. Which owner has a right to the records?

I have already had reports of vets using the information gained in the sessions to protect their licenses and practice according to the practice act. It’s inspiring to see attendees reflect upon, and integrate, some of the guidance from leap sessions into their practices.

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