Questions from the Animal Law Symposium

It was a lively and engaging group of attendees at the Animal Law Symposium. So much so that we only got through 3 of the top ten legal questions for vet practices.  A couple of the questions that we will follow up with a blog post here include:

1) Is veterinary information confidential? Covered by HIPPA?

2) When do I have to report suspected animal abuse?

3) If a pet has been adopted out, what rights does the former owner/shelter/breeder have to direct medical care?

AND the most discussed topic, brought up by a member of the Georgia Board of Veterinary Medicine who was attending,  could be summarized as follows:

“When do I have a right to refuse care, or to refuse to provide services to a patient/owner?”

I’ve written on this last one before in GVMA periodicals and some other sites, so expect a fairly lengthy blog on this topic.



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