Succession Planning – Away due to recent accident

Hi All,

I apologize, but I’ve been unable to respond to most posts and questions over the past couple of months due to an accident. While it’s unrelated to the practice of veterinary medicine or legal issues, it does bring up an important point to consider-

Do you have a succession plan?

Do you have a set of instructions for your successor should they need to take care of your duties? Is it documented? Does your successor know where it is?

We have a set of colored binders for succession instructions, that lists the primary contacts and tasks that have to be performed while the practice manager and chief veterinarian is out, for any reason.  I highly recommend it to you as well.

Here’s a short video on my accident, if interested. To the GVMA, our clinic, and those who prayed and helped.  Thank you!


There are four new posts I need to get out to you in my absence, including the AVMA Committee meeting on the VCPR this fall, the proposed amendment to the Practice act, the changing of names for RVT/LVTs to “Veterinary Nurses” (which I support), and THC/Cannabis usage.  In addition, there have been some interesting questions recently posed on referral clinic arrangements and mobile clinic record keeping. All in all it is already a very interesting year.

Thank you all for viewing and let’s get better together!



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