Don Riddick

This blog is written by Don Riddick, and the opinions contained herein are solely his own, and do not reflect the opinions or views of Benning Animal Hospital LLC, the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association, or any other company or employer.

If you read that, you probably realize that I’m a lawyer. Yep. A lawyer.  I’ve been a licensed attorney for over twenty years, and over  ten of those years have included advising veterinarians on the professional code of conduct, business law, contracts, employment law, malpractice, and record keeping.  I speak on law, ethics, and professionalism to veterinarians all over Georgia and a few from neighboring states. I’ve published articles for state veterinary associations and in a number of law reviews.

I’m also the co-owner and managing member of a vet hospital in Columbus, GA… since 2008.  Owning and helping to manage a clinic, including trying to deliver the best medicine we can for our patients, at affordable prices, while making payroll for our employees and doctors, has been an eye opener. When I provide advice or opinions on what works, I’ve had to use it myself. Not every great idea a consultant or lawyer gives leads to great results, and sometimes my ideas haven’t panned out either. As I write these posts, I’m keenly aware that there’s a lot of right, and wrong ways to run a practice, within the bounds of ethics, regulations, and economics.

I have dogs and horses, you’ll likely hear about them in posts, but this is about our practices, not our families, so it won’t be a focus.